We would be lying if we said we didn’t love creating single artwork! These fun projects are very personal to every artist, and it’s fun to collaborate with them and allow their vision to come to life. We work with you, as the musician and client, to help provide you with the best possible asset to maximize your success with a great first impression. Most often the image is seen before the music is heard… so it’s incredibly important to make sure you choose quality design work to represent your sound.

Here are a few examples of some single cover’s we’ve created in the past. If you are an artist that is interested in having album art or single art done, contact us today!

BS_CTTC-singleart_itunestne_insideout-sc-iTunes_1600pxRGBDS-somebodyDW_youandme FGL_cruise HH_sexdrugs Hinder_saveme Hinder_thelife Hinder_wygd KC_tabledancer KK-believe KK-bustinout MA_allornothing MDD_rockstardancing MW_badgirl RG_inyourkiss SD_drinkaboutit Shiloh_cantholdon TNE_lwymi