When Roland Canada came to us to let us know they were launching a new website and ask for our help to re-brand their other digital elements, we were excited and determined for the opportunity!

With a global corporation as large as Roland, we knew how important it was to them (and to us) for these elements to be done precisely to meet their needs.


Product Registration Form
Roland sells 10’s of 1000’s of products annually, so creating a product registration form was imperative, as this is the first place a customer was to go after purchasing. Registering a product allowed Roland to retrieve warranty information, customer information, and monitor sales analytics. Along with the generic registration form, Roland is taking the initiative to get to know their customers, they ask questions such as “What type of music do you listen to?”, “Favourite album ever?”, and “Favourite book ever?”. They want to know who their customer base is, what instruments they play, and who they’re buying the product for.

Click here to visit Roland Canada’s Product Registration Form: http://rolandforms.ca/register-your-product



Artists Alliance Form
Roland’s Artist Alliance program is an exclusive program for professional Canadian musicians. It allows artists to be appreciated for their work, and to receive members-only discounts.

Click here to visit Roland Canada’s Artist Alliance Form: http://rolandforms.ca/artists-alliance/


Roland Canada TRIBES
Any technology user knows that every now and then, something could go wrong with your device and you spend the next 10 minutes searching for the company’s 1-800 number, hoping you won’t have to wait on hold for 20 minutes before you can actually talk to someone. At Roland Canada, they have a completely custom online help centre, known as: TRIBES. Having an issue with your RC-300 loop lengths? TRIBES has a forum for that. Whether it’s a suggestion, a question or an issue, TRIBES is the place to go!

Click here to visit Roland Canada TRIBES: https://rolandcanada.zendesk.com